Dangers of Leaving Hand Sanitizer in Vehicle

Dangers of Leaving Hand Sanitizer in Vehicle

As the Coronavirus Pandemic has swept across the nation, one product is now being recognized as a daily necessity: hand sanitizer. Experts continue to state that the number one effective measure to prevent COVID-19 is through diligent hand-washing and sanitizing. However, make sure that your sanitizer is not spoiling.

It is convenient to keep a bottle of hand sanitizer in your vehicle so you may routinely disinfect your hands as you are out running errands and working, but experts are warning that leaving hand sanitizer for too long in a hot vehicle is not a good idea.

Dr. Greg Boyce, Associate Professor at Florida Gold Coast University told ABC News that if you are running a few errands it is fine to keep your sanitizer in your vehicle, but you should avoid leaving it in the vehicle indefinitely.

A car parked in direct sunlight can reach 113 degrees inside even in 70 degree weather. This spike in temperature can cause the alcohol to easily evaporate from your hand sanitizer, and as the alcohol content diminishes it becomes less effective.

Keep yourself and your loved ones safe by carrying the hand sanitizer indoors with you when you are going to be somewhere more than a few hours.

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